September 2013
Granite Hill Apts - During the month, National Grid will be coming onto the property to cut back the trees from the power lines. After they are done, Rocky's Tree Service will be coming and cutting back the trees from the buildings and cleaning up whatever mess National Grid left. So if you hear buzzing, you know what it is. 
April 2013.

Stoneledge and Granite Hill Apartments - As you have noticed, we have removed all of the Fir trees on the properties. During the past two major storms we had fir trees fall on a building, a car, and power lines at the Westerly property, and do not want this to occur again, so we decided to take them all down at both propeties. As weather permits, we will be planting new trees and bushes at each property that will enhance the area.

At the Stoneledge Apartments we have taken the residents concerns at heart, regarding fumes from cars sitting at the light. We will be planting arbivitae there to help filter those fumes.

Nov 2012

Granite Hill - we are slowly recuperaiting from the damage from the Superstorm. The roof on B.68 has been repaired. The roof on B.66 is repaired and the porch is getting there. Since we have to replace the porch, we are doing it over the way we intend to replace all of the porches, hopefully in the spring. So, take a look at the new style when it is done.

Please always feel free to call us if you have a mantinance issue - sooner than later. Please never feel that it's "probably nothing" - you never know.

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